The Clay Aiken Christmas Spectacular!
>>date: 14 April 2005
>>time: 3:17 a.m.

ichi ni san shi go

I'll never tell.

Ok, so I probably will eventually. Though, honestly, I'm kind of enjoying being secretive.

I have such a nerdy crush on jsf. My head should be examined I think.

As usual, school sucks. I think it's finally dawned on me though that this is my last semester at UofL. It seems strange and funny and almost like it's not going to happen. Factually, I cannot turn back, I'm enrolled in UC and I'm in the process of officially withdrawing from UofL.

Still though, this time next year I'll be in Cincinnati. Exciting and scary and secretly, I almost don't want to go because of how scared and nervous I'll be.

I can't be a wuss my whole life. Do I really want to be here next year? In this house? Not really, no.

"Still, still, still," she says.

I can sort of hear an echo of these words because I haven't been here in so long. I really miss the ease of diaryland's template making-ness. Livejournal's sucks and MT's sucks.

I'm going to pee, brush my teeth, set my alarm, get into bed, read the Torah and then fall asleep.
Hopefully in that order.

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